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Boss RC-50 loopstation

November 30, 2009Serge Comments Off on Boss RC-50 loopstation

The Boss RC-50 loopstation is supported by midiclock. The RC-50 can receive MIDI clock from external MIDI devices and perform at the same tempo as (be synchronized with) the external MIDI device (in this case the midiclock application). This enables control of the RC-50 using the same tempo as your other equipment. Performances are normally […]

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Boss GT-10 / GT-10 B

November 30, 2009Serge Comments Off on Boss GT-10 / GT-10 B

Synchronizing the Boss GT-10 or GT-10B to midiclock is quite easy. Simply connect the midi output of your computer to the midi in of the GT 10 and use this output with midiclock. On your effects pedal, set the “Sync Clock” option in the menu “System Menu/Midi/Setting” to “Auto”, this enables the receiving of the […]

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Boss GT-6 / GT-8 / GT-Pro

November 29, 2009Serge Comments Off on Boss GT-6 / GT-8 / GT-Pro

You can easily sync the GT-6, GT-8 or GT-Pro to midiclock : –> in the unit’s midi menu, set the setting “MIDI Sync Clock” to Auto. Now it will receive the midi clock signal and set it’s BPM rate accordingly.

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General Midi Instruments

November 26, 2009Serge Comments Off on General Midi Instruments

Instruments 1.Acc. grand piano 33.Accoustic bass 65.Soprano sax 97.FX rain 2.Bright piano 34.Fingered bass 66.Alto sax 98.FX soundtrack 3.Elec. grand piano 35.Picked bass 67.enor sax 99.FX crystal 4.Honky-tonk piano 36.Fretless bass 68.Baritone sax 100.FX atmosphere 5.Elec. piano 2 37.Slap bass 1 69.Oboe 101.FX brightness 6.Elec piano 1 38.Slap bass 2 70.English horn 102.FX goblins 7.Harpsichord […]

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How to connect Midiclock to your midi software

November 15, 2009Serge Comments Off on How to connect Midiclock to your midi software

MIDIClock can be used to synchronize multiple sequencers/synths. You can do this using MIDIYoke (get it at : Connect MIDIClock to MIDIYoke Junction 1 output. As MIDIYoke is a multiclient driver, you can connect multiple sequencers/synths (such as rebirth, AN1x,…) to MIDIYoke Junction 1 MIDI input.

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Clockpresets.ini secrets (midiclock 2.02)

November 15, 2009Serge Comments Off on Clockpresets.ini secrets (midiclock 2.02)

By editing the clockpresets.ini file, you can achieve even more advanced remote control of midiclock. Enable HexSpy to monitor the incoming midi messages. It will help you determine which entries you need to add to the ini file. The BPM_PRESETS section contains the tempo settings for all patch selects. You can add action codes to […]

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