Boss RC-50 loopstation

November 30, 2009Serge Comments Off on Boss RC-50 loopstation

The Boss RC-50 loopstation is supported by midiclock.

The RC-50 can receive MIDI clock from external MIDI devices and perform at the same tempo as (be synchronized with) the external MIDI device (in this case the midiclock application). This enables control of the RC-50 using the same tempo as your other equipment.
Performances are normally played at the patch tempo set with the RC-50, but when the RC-50 is stopped and MIDI start message is received, the performance automatically starts playing at the tempo determined by the MIDI clock data from midiclock.

Midiclock also sends realtime start and stop commands. This is supported too on the RC-50 : Playback of the current phrase can be achieved through receipt of MIDI Start messages.

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