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Yamaha QS300

December 19, 2009Serge Comments Off on Yamaha QS300

In the Sequencer Setup page, you can set global controls affecting the built-in sequencer of your QS300. These controls include: • Click (metronome) settings • Transposition of sequencer data • MIDI Sync • MIDI Control • Interval Time (for data transmission) Now the MIDI Sync is interesting for midiclock users : This setting determines whether […]

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Yamaha MO6 / MO8

December 19, 2009Serge Comments Off on Yamaha MO6 / MO8

Synchronizing the MO6 / MO8 with an external MIDI instrument (such as midiclock) is easy. Execute this key sequence to enable MIDI sync mode : [UTILITY] -> [F5] MIDI -> [SF3] SYNC -> MIDI Sync = MIDI The Songs and Patterns of the Yamaha MO6/MO8 “Music Production Synthesizer” can be synchronized to the playback of […]

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Yamaha A4000 / A5000

December 18, 2009Serge Comments Off on Yamaha A4000 / A5000

Midi Clock synchronization on the A4000 and A5000 can be done on the program LFO menu : Key sequence : [PLAY] Button ? [F6] Button ? Knob 1 to select “PLAY-PgmLFO” Then you can use Knob 3 to select the LFO Sync method. This parameter determines whether or not the LFO speed will be synchronized […]

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Yamaha CS2X

December 18, 2009Serge Comments Off on Yamaha CS2X

The Yamaha CS2X is has a midi controllable arpeggiator : For this arpeggiator you can set the following parameter : ARP Tempo: MIDI, 40 ~ 240 (beats per minute) This Sets the tempo of the Arpeggiator in beats per minute or to be controlled by an external MIDI clock. So if you want to synchronize […]

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Yamaha DTX-MULTI 12

December 13, 2009Serge Comments Off on Yamaha DTX-MULTI 12

The Yamaha DTX-MULTI 12 drum unit can be synced to midiclock : MIDI synchronization (MIDISync) : Use this parameter to specify whether patterns and the click track are to play at the tempo set for the DTX-MULTI 12 or are to be synchronized with external MIDI devices based on MIDI Clock messages. int: Patterns and […]

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Yamaha SU700

December 13, 2009Serge Comments Off on Yamaha SU700

In the SYSTEM | MIDI menu, you can setup the midiclock sync : Edit the parameter and set it to “EXTERNAL” When SYNC=EXTERNAL, the SU700 controls song-play timing in accordance with an external clock signal supplied to the SU700’s MIDI IN terminal by an external MIDI device. The SU700 does not output any clock signal.

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Yamaha CS6X / CS6XR

December 13, 2009Serge Comments Off on Yamaha CS6X / CS6XR

To synchronize playback of your CS6X or CS6XR with an external MIDI device, you can use either the synthesizer’s internal clock (int) or MIDI clock signals from the external device (midi). At the menu “midi (other)” you can define this behaviour : Select “int” if you are using the synthesizer as the master, or if […]

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Yamaha S90XS

December 13, 2009Serge Comments Off on Yamaha S90XS

here’s a description how to setup external midiclock syncing for your Yamaha S90XS. In the Quick Setup menu, you can choose setup 2. This results in the following settings : Local control: on MIDI: auto Clock Out: off Arp MIDI Out Sw: all on Perfect for synchronizing to midiclock :-).

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Yamaha SU200

December 12, 2009Serge Comments Off on Yamaha SU200

The SU200 can be synced to midi clock by following the procedure described below : 1. Switch off all pads, and then press the [JOB] button to enter Job mode. 2. Press the [MIDI] button (pad 8 ) to enter MIDI Setup mode. 3. Set the MIDI clock (‘Sync’ on de the display) to ‘Ext’ […]

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Yamaha dx200

December 12, 2009Serge Comments Off on Yamaha dx200

The sophisticated sync features of the DX200 let you lock it in step with the rhythm of just about any other MIDI device, such as a computer, rhythm machine or external sequencer. No drift, no glitching, no slipping out of sync — the two machines stay perfectly in the same groove. This is great for […]

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