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September 24, 2011Serge Comments Off on Matti Kallioinen

Matti is a midiclock user.
You can check out his work at

Here’s his description of his midiclock-integrated setup :
The Headsynth is a facemask with seven knobs and an accelerometer reacting to head movements.
(is not really a synth, just a MIDI-controller to make it look and feel like you have a synth in your head!)
The Gravity Harp is a metal frame with 2 pendulums, 2 springs and 2 goseneck lights, their movements being sensed by 2-dimensional accelerometers.
The analog signals are converted to MIDI to live-generate and modulate electronic music and vector graphics.
My aim is to go beyond the practice of merely adding suitable visuals to music (or vice versa) and create a supra-modal instrument where visual and musical expression as well as physical movement and spatial experience are linked together already from the onset of their conception.
MIDIclock has become an essential part of my live setup, allowing me to control the tempo (for example from one of the knobs of the Headsynth mask), keeping synch between synth arpeggios, beats and delay effects…
Thank you Serge !

Matti Kallioinen Live Setup Midiclock

Matti Kallioinen Live Setup with Midiclock

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