MIDIClock 4.00

May 26, 2013Serge Comments Off on MIDIClock 4.00

Hi !
MIDIClock 4.00 is released !
You can download it here
If you want more information, take a look here.

Recent Changes

26/05/2013 : Midiclock 4.00 release
- MIDI IN MidiClock Synchronisation
- Tempo Chart visualisation
- Customizable Keyboard input events
- Tray icon with status indication
- Option to minimize app on close when clock is running
01/02/2011 : Midiclock 3.03
- Midi in and out can now be selected from more than 12 ports in the list
- Improved 'fluent' bpm accuracy during tempo changes
26/12/2010 : Midiclock 3.02
- Fractional BPM rates, 3 digits precision, are now supported throughout the software
- A rounding factor BPMROUNDING can be set for defining the resolution of tempo changes
- Actions 10016 and 10017 were added : Decrease and Increase the tempo with 1 rounding unit
- Minimal BPM rate can now be set by BPMMINIMUM setting
- Maximal BPM rate can now be set by BPMMAXIMUM setting
- Minimal possible BPM rate is now 0.001 BPM
- Maximal possible BPM rate is now beyond 1000 BPM
- Mapping of Control to BPM rate is now fully customizable for 16 presets
- Mapping of Patches to BPM rate is now possible through action code 10000.1
- Midi Tap input bugfixes
- Default midi learn input range is now F5 instead of F0
- Documentation updated (Output Driver example added)

14/10/2010 : Midiclock 3.01 Release
- new skinned start button for faster response and improved flashing. (previously the start button acted on mouse release, now on mouse down)
- improved timer accuracy and stability
- removed "no midi in port selected" useless warning
- The width and height are now stored in the application_presets section as : MAINSCREENPOSITIONWIDTH and MAINSCREENPOSITIONHEIGHT .
- input 0xF5 now is defined as : multiplier 1 with offset 40. This will give a controllable bpm range "41 to 168"
- [APPLICATION_PRESETS] was expanded with the setting DONTASKSAVESETTINGS, to allow avoiding the 'save settings' question

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