Yamaha dx200

December 12, 2009Serge Comments Off on Yamaha dx200

The sophisticated sync features of the DX200 let you lock it in step with the rhythm of just about any other MIDI device, such as a computer, rhythm machine or external sequencer. No drift, no glitching, no slipping out of sync — the two machines stay perfectly in the same groove.
This is great for live situations. For example, you could use a computer or sequencer for your main tracks and fly in some DX200 Patterns as you perform — while everything stays in perfect sync. In case of a midiclock/external sequencer setup, midiclock is the “master,” or controlling device, and the DX200 is the “slave.”

Yamaha dx200 setup

You can call up the clock setting on your dx200 by holding down [SHIFT] and pressing button [(MIDI SETUP), repeatedly if necessary, until “CLo)” appears
in the display.
Then set the clock to “external” by turning the [DATA] knob until “E$t” is shown.

You are now set up to sync with midiclock.

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